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At Body In Balance, we want to be actively involved with our patients, families and community by providing the best possible wellness services. We believe that includes slowing down the pace and spending quality time with the community talking about things that affect health and wellness.

Join us for these informative wellness classes!

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Upcoming Events


Phases, Stages, Levels, & Biofields: A Deeper Look into NSA Care     

Wednesday, October 17th at 5:00pm

Learn what to expect during Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care, the gentle yet effective form of chiropractic practiced here at Body In Balance Wellness Center. Dr. Leah dives into explaining the classic tension patterns of the spinal cord, and how each has an emotional perspective that it creates with your physiology. 

As you move through NSA care, your body is going through a great amount of neurological reorganization, and the areas of the spine that have been chronically misaligned have stored energy and emotion. When these begin to release, your body and life will change. 

Lowering Your Cholesterol Naturally     

Wednesday, October 24th at 6:00pm

Millions of Americans are faced with high cholesterol, but cholesterol lowering medication (statins) can have miserable side effects as well as cause muscle, liver, and brain damage.

What is the natural solution? Dr. Leah will discuss the latest research and solutions!

Fitness Center Halloween Extravaganza!

Monday, October 29th - Wednesday, October 31st

Fall is the perfect time to up your fitness game.

Wear a costume on Monday, October 29th, Tuesday, October 30th, or Wednesday, October 31st and work out for FREE in our fitness center!

Bring a friend and they can work out for free too!

You and your guest must schedule fitness center appointments ahead of time. Please call 303-215-0390 to schedule your free workout.